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Discover our range of connected solutions transforming the automotive industry. Secure, efficient and reliable IoT connectivity.


Installed telematics solutions for any vehicle. Our telematics systems can improve fleet safety, reduce accidents and reduce operating costs.

Live Cam

Live Cam

Incident Cam

Incident Cam

GPS Tracking

GPS Tracking & Informatics

Plug and Play Solutions

Plug & Play Solutions

Temperature Monitoring

Temperature Monitoring

Driver ID System

Driver ID System

Tyre Pressure Monitoring


In-Vehicle Connectivity

In-vehicle networking for flexible, scalable, go anywhere connectivity

Suitable for on-the-road requirements

As well as offering enterprise-grade security, 3G/4G & 5G networking provides a solution which offers reliable, superfast connectivity that can support a myriad of applications to suit all on-the-road requirements, including:

  • Vehicle Wi-Fi hotspots
  • Access to centralised systems from the road
  • CCTV monitoring and management
  • Mobile asset tracking
  • Fleet telematics and real-time information
  • Cold chain monitoring
  • Digital signage
  • Electronic and mobile ticketing

Robust, optimised routers with flexible connectivity

On-the-road connectivity is a necessity for most enterprises in today’s expanding business world. Freights need to be able to monitor their loads more effectively, field teams and emergency service fleets need to remotely access central systems and public and private transportation organisations want to enhance their passenger experience, while also making their services as efficient as possible.

A cellular networking solution can answer all of these requirements and more – providing a go anywhere, use anytime connection which extends the enterprise network to the road.


Powered, Self-Powered, Heavy Duty & Satellite Asset Tracking

Powered Tracking

The Zest4 IoT Powered Asset Tracker has the ability to locate every trailer in a fleet at any time, offering organisations reassurance that their assets are always performing the tasks they have been assigned.

It has the ability to track individual assets being transported across the globe with full visibility of important consignments and valuable cargo.

Fleet managers will receive security alerts when any unauthorised usage or unscheduled movements are detected. By integrating Trailer Track with standard Zest4 solutions, businesses can also monitor whether trailers are being driven safely, be alerted to any incidents of speeding or receive notification if the trailer is involved in a crash.

Smart programming allows the trailer track device to automatically switch to a lower frequency of messaging when the power source is removed, extending the life of the battery and only talking to the system when it needs to. This information provides fleet managers with visibility of their trailer fleet for longer, with live journey information on connected trailers on the move.

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