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For the IoT to communicate across the internet a public Internet Protocol (IP) address is required. This is usually provided by internet providers and kept in a network router or modem. Public IP addresses allow IoT devices to communicate with cloud computing applications and share data. One public IP address can be used by all internal private IP address devices, such as computers and other IoT devices.

IoT combines several systems to enable new applications and ways of managing and analysing devices/things at scale and in a cost-effective model. M2M connects machines to machines. While M2M and IoT both involve devices communicating with each other, M2M refers to smaller scale, more isolated sensor systems.

Narrowband Internet of Things is a low-power wide-area network radio technology standard developed by 3GPP for cellular devices and services.

IoT creates the information that big data can use. e.g. Tesla cars are IoT enabled with cellular Internet connections. This allows updates while the cars are charging. It also allows telemetry of the car activities to be uploaded to Tesla. There is over 5 billion miles of car big data with Tesla. This can be used to update existing cars and help design better cars in the next model. This information can also be used to adapt the service schedules based on car use. Tesla IoT updates have been used to extend the range of cars in disaster zones like cyclones and hurricanes.


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