IoT Dashcam Solutions


IoT connectivity to enhance business mobility and performance for increased safety and efficiency.

Driver safety and asset protection

Dashcams are instrumental in fostering responsible driving practices and mitigating road accidents

In today’s dynamic business environment, prioritising safety and efficiency remains crucial, prompting the widespread adoption of fleet dashcams. These sophisticated devices transcend mere video recording, serving as indispensable tools for businesses by adding a vital layer of security, minimising liability, and furnishing valuable data to enhance fleet operations.

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Seamless integration and optimal support

Seamless integration & optimal support

Tailored to meet the unique needs of businesses

Continuously monitoring and capturing driving behavior and road conditions, our dashcam solutions empower businesses with actionable insights to make informed decisions. Access to real-time data on vehicle activities and driver performance enables timely interventions, leading to reduced operational costs, efficient resource management, and an overall enhancement in safety protocols.

Business Benefits

Mitigate the likelihood of unfounded claims

Dashcams furnish indisputable evidence, safeguarding businessES against baseless accusations. This decrease in legal and insurance expenses alone underscores their value as a prudent investment.

Enhance driver efficiency

Utilising real-time alerts and in-cab coaching, drivers will not only elevate their safety measures but also boost their overall efficiency. Cultivating improved driving habits translates to a reduction in accidents and heightened customer satisfaction.

Track progress

Utilise real-time data and Key Performance Indicator (KPI) tracking to oversee fleet's progress - enabling data-driven decision-making. This, in turn, elevates the efficiency of business operations.

Enhance road safety

The core objective of Internet of Things (IoT) dashcams is to contribute to safer roads. Proactively averting hazardous behaviours and accidents, dashcams serve as a safeguard for drivers and the broader community.

Economical camera solutions

Our dashcams deliver a remarkable return on investment. The savings derived from decreased accidents, diminished insurance premiums, and heightened operational efficiency swiftly outweigh the initial investment.

Harnessing AI for streamlined efficiency

The capabilities of AI guarantee that only crucial data is uploaded, saving valuable time, storage space, and resources. This streamlined approach allows businesses to concentrate on what matters most: the safety and success of their fleet.

IoT Dashcam Features

Data from cameras tells it like it happened:

Front Facing Camera

Road-Facing Camera

Driving-Facing Camera

In-Cab Alerts Using AI-on-the-edge

Prevent dangerous outcomes with in-cab alerts

In-cab coaching to reduce dangerous driving

Event notification & video available for review

Upload only what is necessary with edge AI

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