Why businesses need dash cams for its fleet

Zest4 IoT Dash Cam Solution

Why should your business get dash cams for its fleet?

  • Protect your drivers against false claims
  • Improve driver behaviour, less ware and tear on fleet vehicles
  • Fuel savings due to safer driving
  • Lower insurance premiums

According to industry experts, insurance providers are experiencing a 9.5% yearly increase in the number of fraudulent claims received.

In-vehicle cameras not only provide accurate and admissible video evidence of any incident, but they also change the way drivers drive, it’s like having the fleet manager sat with them, watching how they carry out their duties.

Any business with a fleet of vehicles have their drivers as the face of the company. Bad drivers are bad for business. Not only does bad driving lead to a bad reputation generally, but it runs the risk of impacting driver and public safety.

Fuel-savings are a by-product of better, safer driving. Once drivers have a dashcam solution installed, they adopt a different mindset, less wear and tear on the vehicle and more considered fuel consumption.

The solution:

Zest4 IoT have launched a new-to-market connected dashcam which offers both forward and driver facing HD cameras. It’s not just about the cameras it’s about what information the overall solution will give a fleet manager, or business owner, about the driver behaviour and vehicle use.

The forward-facing camera records a video clip and gives the fleet manager a notification, (whilst giving the driver an audible notification) every time any of the key road rules have been broken, including:

  • Tailgating events or driving too close to any other vehicle
  • Harsh / abrupt braking
  • Speed limit violation
  • Lane drifting
  • Harsh cornering, inappropriate speeds for road usage

As well as this, the driver facing camera will also record and notify on events that could cause a risk to the driver or other road users, including:

  • Driver distractions
  • Drowsiness
  • Mobile phone usage
  • Facial recognition to recognise any issues.

Access to all of the recorded information is via an online easy to use portal. Giving the fleet manager the ability completely manage the fleet and offer coaching and support for drivers of fleet and company vehicles where needed, and specifically for problems they are encountering.

As well as managing historical events this dashcam solution also allows the fleet manager to monitor drivers in real time with live GPS location and live view streaming.

By continuously using the driver management platform, fleet managers can monitor and measure key performance indicators for their fleet and should see and monitor improvements.


Less incidents over time, reduced severity of incidents, driver performance improvement, lower running cost of the fleet and a safer fleet overall.

Included with the solution is the driver companion app, this allows drivers to have insight into the information being collated by the fleet manager and visibility of their own performance.

Once purchased the cameras can either be fully installed with a simple three-wire connection direct to the vehicle or it can be used with a simple plug directly into the vehicle OBD port.

For a demo of the solution or more information get in touch with Zest4 IoT today.


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