IoT Capability Increased with Zest4 IoT 5G World SIMs

Zest4 IoT 5G World SIMs

Zest4 IoT 5G World SIMs is now in the best option if you need continuous, high-speed communication in your IoT devices and solutions.

In the past we have only been able to offer 5G on mobile applications and tariffs, or some mobile broadband tariffs which have been used in the IoT space. Very few roaming providers have been able to secure 5G arrangements for IoT solutions in the UK.

On our World SIM proposition we now have the capability to offer 5G connectivity on three of the four UK networks (Vodafone, O2 and 3UK) as well as most of our EU networks.

Zest4 IoT 5G World SIMs means fast data analysis will be much more efficient. Not only that, but 5G in IoT will deliver more data faster and more securely than the current 4G networks.

The speed it offers has the potential to support new business models and change processes and business performance.


  • Enhanced mobile broadband.
  • Longer battery life in sensors and devices.
  • Ultra-reliable low latency communications.
  • Better indoor coverage.
  • Much faster data in cities, urban areas, and local networks.
  • Improved energy saving functions for devices used indoor. 
  • Future-proof connectivity for the short to medium term and 3G and 2G are being closed down.


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