Multi-Network Roaming Data SIMs

Multi-Network Roaming SIMs

Multi-Network Roaming SIMs are essential for businesses now.

Traditionally a SIM card would run on one mobile network however, now there are multiple choices including multi-network roaming SIMs available. Why is this important to our Partners and how will this help your customers? Let us break it down for you.  

When a business is looking to control, measure or monitor an asset they’ll use an IoT device that needs guaranteed connectivity through 3G and 4G SIMs with managed data. But how can we guarantee that it will remain connected, especially if an asset is moving? 

Whilst all mobile networks regularly invest in their networks to enhance and improve coverage not one has full national coverage yet, and where one network offers a full signal, another may offer none. There’s always a possibility of a network going down, or there being cell-site congestion, the problem of remaining connected is further exasperated if an asset is moving between networks with dips and gaps in coverage?

One device with one single network SIM will not guarantee connectivity.

Benefits of Multi-Network Roaming SIMs at Zest4 IoT:

  • Keep control of mobile assets, no down-time or black spots in connectivity, essential for taxi and haulage businesses. 
  • Single bill and online management platform for global SIM coverage. 
  • Fail-over device management – in the last couple of months we have seen two out the four major mobile networks in the UK have massive outages. If your business-critical connectivity fails, your business fails. Ensure connectivity with All Net Non-Steered SIMs. 
  • If a business is on a border between countries (e.g., Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland).

Multi-Network Roaming SIMs are key to making sure that an IoT or M2M solution is operating at maximum efficiency and remains connected. These SIMs access all available networks switching between them to make sure that connectivity is at its strongest at all times. 

At Zest4 IoT we have a range of options that allow our Partners to make the best choice for their customers. With many different price points and options available, here’s our guide to what the different types of SIMs do. 

Dual Network SIMs

As the name suggests, this roaming SIM connects between two chosen networks. This is a good low-cost entry solution that offers some resilience against network outages. It would be key to ensure that the SIM has the best two networks for coverage where the solution is deployed. 

Great for: 

Static devices where connectivity is essential, monitoring temperatures in warehouses for example, or payment terminals in retail outlets. 

All Network Steered SIMs

This SIM has the capability to connect to all available networks in the country where it is deployed, but it will have a preferential rate with one ‘preferred’ network which is less than the rest and as such, the SIM will always try to connect to that network first.  

This SIM offers a good level of resilience as if the primary network is not available the SIM will connect to another. Most devices have built-in intelligence so if the previous connection it made was not on the primary network it will not look for it the next time it connects and stay on the network that last offered the best service. 

Great for: 

Businesses with assets that move location, fleet management and tracking in particular. 

All Network Non-Steered SIM:

This is the most flexible SIM; it has the capability to use all networks available in the country where deployed and doesn’t favour any specific mobile network.  

When connected, subject to settings on the modem, the SIM automatically uses the strongest network signal available in any location, therefore giving the device the best performance.  

If a mobile asset goes out of coverage for that network, the SIM will look for the next best available network that offers service and re-connect.  

Great for: 

Any solution that is mobile needing constant connectivity. 

At Zest4 IoT we offer these solutions to make sure that our Partners can select what’s needed for their customers, not just what’s available. All Roaming SIMs have managed connectivity, Fixed IP or Dynamic IP, UK roaming, EU roaming, we are complete flexibility on bundle sizes, and all at very competitive price points. 

If critical connectivity is something that your customers need get in touch by calling the Zest4 IoT team on 0161 956 3355.


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